• 4 International vines in Tuscany

    Our tradition speaks of Sangiovese in the past, present and in the future, but this does not mean that you look beyond our borders.

    In the spring of 2021, our company will place 2 hectares of vineyards with international varieties, which is not simple, but welded thoroughly after a series of studies, research and sensations acquired during various meetings and events of a national and international nature.

    The new selected international vines

    The Cabernet Sauvignon, we know it well, there is one hectare between our vineyards and from this grapes starting from 2017 we obtain Brutus, initially a bet today a certainty.

    Pinot noir, will be our next bet! A new vine that will express, thanks also to our care, a wine with a different taste from the Tuscan tradition.

    Syrah, grapes chosen to be mixed with our Sangiovese to enrich it and soften it.

    Petit Verdot, choice designed to give that plenty of character more for our aged wines

    Sure to obtain "different" wines from the classicism of Tuscany and toast with you with new wines, we invite you to visit us in the company and learn about our world between wine and oil.